Ambassador stories

Every journey has a story and every traveller has a passion. On these pages you'll find stories, fotos and video from our Hero Camper ambassadors all over the world. 

Under the bright night sky

By Erik Pedersen

To be completely honest - the outdoors is what makes me tick. From the first warm days in the early spring to the hunting season in in the autumn - I just wanna spend time outdoor. The more the better, and my Hero Camper is rapidly becoming the starting point for all my outdoor activities.

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Gone fishing!

By Daan Meijer

The unique Hero Camper is truly the fisherman's best friend. From day trips to the lake - to weekends fishing salmon and trout in the norwegian wilderness, Hero makes a excellent companion. As a fishing enthusiast, Daan Meier uses his Hero extensively in the fishing season.

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A runners dream

By Hanne Juhl Jacobsen

As a runner, participating in running events 18 weekends a year, the Hero Camper is just perfect. It acts as my home away from home where I can prepare before the events and relax after running. No more expensive hotels or uncomfortable tents for me.

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Biking in the wilderness

By Alerion Gerard

Compared to uncomfortable tents or expensive autocampers, the nimble Hero Camper is just perfect for mountain biking events and weekend trips. It?s quick to pack, easy to use and a practical place to store my stuff when out and about. It?s like it was made - just for me!

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