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Gone fishing!

The unique Hero Camper is truly the fisherman's best friend. From day trips to the lake - to weekends fishing salmon and trout in the norwegian wilderness, Hero makes a excellent companion. As a fishing enthusiast, Daan Meier uses his Hero extensively in the fishing season.

Norway Mountainlake Browntrout
Daan Meijer
Fishing enthusiast

Several times a year my friends and I travel to the Orkla River in Norway for salmon fishing. The Orkla River is one of Norway?s best salmon rivers and the stretch at Aunan provides some of the most enchanting fly-fishing water available. 

The Hero Camper is just perfect for a weekend of fishing. It is versatile, rugged and has all the stuff we need. In the past, we had to drive 15 km to the nearest hotel to spend the night. No more. With the Hero Camper we can stay close to the water, prepare a - more than decent - meal and get a good night's sleep in comfort before getting up early to go fishing. 

The drawback? We can only fit two in one Hero Camper, so the rest of my fishing friends still have to go back-and-forth to the hotel every night. That is - until they get their own camper.