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Biking in the wilderness

Compared to uncomfortable tents or expensive autocampers, the nimble Hero Camper is just perfect for mountain biking events and weekend trips. It?s quick to pack, easy to use and a practical place to store my stuff when out and about. It?s like it was made - just for me!

alerion gerand
Alerion Gerard
Mountain biker

I love mountain biking and spend most of my spare time in the saddle. Mostly on the trails around my native Lyon, but at least once a month I participate in biking events in the southern part of France. That means; preparation, packing and a lot of biking-gear.

Until recently my friend and I rented a autocamper or spend the night in tents for most of the two-day events. I don?t mind sleeping in tents, but the Hero Camper is just so much easier for guys like me, who need to lock up their gear during the events, and carry a lot of stuff to and from the events. And ? on top of that - way cheaper that renting a autocamper every other weekend. 

Hero Camper easily fits two people with extra room for clothes, gear and spare parts for our bikes. That is exactly what I need for a weekend trip with my bike and for the occasional outdoor holiday with my girlfriend.