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A runners dream

As a runner, participating in running events 18 weekends a year, the Hero Camper is just perfect. It acts as my home away from home - where I can prepare before the events and relax after running. No more expensive hotels or uncomfortable tents for me.

hanne jacobsen
Hanne Juhl Jacobsen

For me it's all about running - training, marathons, half marathons - you name it. And I spend a lot of time travelling nationally and internationally for running events all over northern Europe. In this respect, the Hero Camper is a godsend - it simply means - no more expensive hotels, dirty hostels or uncomfortable tents.

After a tough marathon run, I need to cool down, both physically and mentally, and the Hero Camper is my place of serenity. Away from the crowd in my own comfortable setting, with my iPad, checking run times and relaxing. I can arrive and leave the event when I want to - and all my stuff is safe when I'm out running.

I love my Hero Camper and it has become an integrated part of my travelling. As my boyfriend puts it: I may not be the camping type - but i'm definitely the camper type!