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Under the bright night sky

To be completely honest - the outdoors is what makes me tick. From the first warm days in the early spring to the hunting season in in the autumn - I just wanna spend time outdoor. The more the better, and my Hero Camper is rapidly becoming the starting point for all my outdoor activities.

erik pedersen
Erik Pedersen
Hunting enthusiast

My passion is hunting and outdoor living, and the Hero Camper has become the starting point for all my outdoor activities. I was one of the first to get my hands on the Hero Camper, and it fits my passion perfectly.

For me, happiness is a remote location - far from everyday stress and work - under the bright night sky sitting by a campfire. For this, the Hero is an absolute blast. I can be comfortable and safe when sleeping, my belongings are safe and secure when I am away from the Camper, and the kitchen facilities are extremely practical when I need to prepare my meals after a long day of hunting.

On top of that - I don't have to plan trips months in advance. I can literally be out of the door in 15 minutes. I just need to fill the water tank, throw in my backpack, hook up the camper and I'm gone!