The Hero Camper is the result of our love for the outdoor. A love for the wilderness, the unknown and getting out while staying comfortable and safe.

A PAssion for outdoor living

At Hero we are passionate about our products. We build our campers for people with a passion for outdoor living. For the adventure and the unknown. For getting out under the clear, blue sky and making memories. Taking a trip just for the weekend, for sports, for hunting, fishing, festivals, events or family visits - you name it! Get out - see the world. 

Designed and assembled in Denmark, renowned for it´s extensive camper lifestyle, second-to-none engineering and build quality, and a Scandinavian design by Lars Kjærulff. Hero Camper is manufactured by one of Europe´s leading manufacturer of camper accessories, and we are proud to present to you - the Hero Camper.

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man on jeep2


alerion gerand
Alerion Gerard
Mountain biker

Alerion Gerard is a avid mountain biker from Lyon, France ? who frequently participates in biking events in the southern part of the country. Often carrying several bikes, clothes, bike gear, food and spare parts ? the Hero Camper is extremely practical at both biking events and when used for weekend trips with his girlfriend.

Gunnar Merrild
Professional photographer

Gunnar Merrild is a professional photographer and a passionate outdoor enthusiast from Herning, Denmark ? Gunnar loves outdoor lifestyle, driving into the rough nature with his family or his friends.

hanne jacobsen
Hanne Juhl Jacobsen

Hanne Juhl Jacobsen is 29 years old, and an active runner participating in marathon events all over northern Europe.

Hanne uses her Hero Camper over 20 weekends a year, loving the ability to relax, prepare and sleep in the Camper, avoiding expensive hotels and uncomfortable tents.

erik pedersen
Erik Pedersen
Hunting enthusiast

Erik Pedersen is a active hunter and outdoor entusiast who spends most of his spare time either hunting or making travelling plans for hunting trips in northern and eastern Europe. Preferably Norway, Sweden or Poland.

Erik uses his Hero Camper for both hunting- and outdoor trips.

Norway Mountainlake Browntrout
Daan Meijer
Fishing enthusiast

Daan Meier loves fishing and takes his friends fishing several times a year. Both in his native country of Holland, and in Norway - the land of salmon.

The Hero Camper is the comfortable base for Daan's fishing trips in Norway and doubles as a quick outdoor shelter for him and his son.